In the aftermath of the tragic Dallas shooting that killed five people officers, a photo on the shooter Micah Johnson's social media accounts featured Johnson standing alongside and shaking hands with Public Enemy's Professor Griff. However, in a series of tweets Friday, both the rapper born Richard Griffin and Chuck D denied any ties to Johnson.



In the Dallas police department's investigation into Johnson, they mentioned the photo of Johnson and Griff and wrote that "Griffin embraces a radical form of Afrocentrism, and Griffin wrote a book, A Warrior's Tapestry."

According to the New York Times, Johnson "liked" two groups on Facebook that he shared ideological views with: The African American Defense League and the New Black Panther Party; Professor Griff is also a supporter of the latter.

While Griffin didn't explain the circumstances behind the Johnson photo, Chuck D came to his Public Enemy partner's defense on Twitter, where he both denied Griff's connection to Johnson and blasted the media for twisting the Griff photo to make it seem like the rapper was involved.

"The media grouping this person in a pic w [Griff] was sadly unacceptable. Artists athletes & Lecturers take thousands of PHONEpics today," Chuck D noted.

"The narrative is POLICE REFORM in USA hoods. Not killing THEM. There are UNDER-educated millions who LIVE off PERCEPTION not reality of truth," the rapper added. "TRAGEDY & this person was 25.Sent trained to war. PTSD clearly. Wisdom is RARELY spread to this generations anger & energy. WE MUST TEACH."