With much sadness I thought it would be of interest to explore the strange path of Prince from inception to his early death. The concept of Illuminati blood sacrifice is never far from the lips of conspiracy theorists and I believe that to be for good reason. Prince was only 57 and appeared to be in decent shape, so it only begs the question of why he passed so young. Let’s take a look…


Prince was obviously a complex man and artist. Throughout his career he kept us guessing as to whether or not he was an “Illuminati” occultist or if he was hip to the conspiracy and tried to reveal it to the masses. His artwork and symbolism suggests he was interested in Eastern occultism concepts such as the pineal gland-third eye; yet his religion remained to be that of a Jehovah’s Witness.In 1993 he changed his name to  , as a form of rebellion from the record label that “owned” him:

Prince is the name that my mother gave me at birth. Warner Bros. took the name, trademarked it, and used it as the main marketing tool to promote all of the music that I wrote. The company owns the name Prince and all related music marketed under Prince. I became merely a pawn used to produce more money for Warner Bros…

He infamously scrawled the word “SLAVE” 

He infamously scrawled the word “SLAVE” on his face as a form of protest against an industry that surely has a dark side worth considering

We know that there is an attempt at destroying the male-female paradigm in order to usher in the digital matrix hell through transhumanism, so maybe this was one form of early predictive programming sent to us from Warner Bros. under the guise of a staged rebellion from this famous musician.

We’ve seen recent attempts at making the pan gender movement more mainstream with the questionable motivations behind Bruce Jenner’s transitionand Miley Cyrus claiming to be the same. The article from Elle UK with Miley tells us about her pansexuality:

She then goes on to discuss her opinions on gender, and relationships saying, ‘I’m very open about it – I’m pansexual. But I’m not in a relationship. I’m 22, I’m going on dates, but I change my style every two weeks, let alone who I’m with.’

The concern here is NOT LGBT rights (I’m totally fine with that); my concern is that these celebrities are in fact NOT LGBT, pan gender, or pansexual. In fact, it’s even worse than that because they are trying to become the voice of the LGBT community when in fact they may not even be so (e.g. Miley’s dating history of men up until her “pansexuality” comment and now she is into women all of a sudden?…).

I believe they are being used as stunts to push the message in order to steer society down a path of merging opposites and pursuing the alchemical wedding and androgynous “perfection”; a symbol embodied in the familiar Baphomet…


Prince went on mainstream television and proceeded to warn us about chemtrails, the New World Order, and much more; as featured in an article I wrote in 2013:

Prince was on a late night show of Tavis Smiley’s and starts dropping knowledge on chemtrails, New World Order at the UN, and a global manipulation. He said that we are all indentured servants, and currently slaves on a plantation. Prince said he doesn’t vote because he is a Jehovah’s Witness, although he said he thinks Obama means well.

He said that he could recall literal aggression when seeing chemtrails as a child, and a speech that Dick Gregory gave that everyone needs to listen to. He also makes an enlightening point that there were several presidents before George Washington, which I don’t recall ever hearing before either?…

But think back to your history books — The United States declared its independence in 1776, yet Washington did not take office until April 30, 1789.

So who was running the country during these initial years of this young country?

It was the first eight U.S.  Presidents.

In fact, the first President of the United States was one John Hanson.

I can hear you now — John who?

John Hanson, the first President of the United States.

Don’t go checking the encyclopedia for this guy’s name — he is one of those great men that are lost to history. If you’re extremely lucky, you may actually find a brief mention of his name. (It’s in the Encyclopedia Britannica.)

The new country was actually formed on March 1, 1781 with the adoption of The Articles of Confederation.



In terms of Illuminati Occult & Holiday Traditions; Prince passed away during a crucial time period for those that follow the pagan calendar. Many claim that the “Illuminati” conduct blood sacrifices in the thirteen days leading up to May 1st- a holiday known as Beltane.

The bonfires were previously called “bailfires” referencing fires for the god Moloch, aka Ba’al. So, in essence we could call them “Ba’alfires.” The blood sacrifice of humans to this occult god Ba’al being is played out in different forms.