Queen Herawin of the Juggaknots

Historically, hip hop has been kinda unfair and bias when it comes to female rappers. I usually hear rhetoric such as, "O! she sounds like a dude or she gotta ass but her lyrics was wack.

Of course, 'female' rappers made sure to carve their name in the hip hop tree of life but let's face it's a testosterone driven genre. Now my point!! I was recently given a cd from an emcee named Queen Herawin, ah alas, a 'female' emcee ready to bless the world with some newness. 

After listening to her joint, I can honestly say her shit is dope, tight production, thoughtful lyricism and an overall breath of fresh air. Not only can the girl spit, she already tagged her name on the wall of hip hop. Queen Herawin real name Peridot Smith is one-third of the mega-group the Juggernauts, Bronx natives and hip purist.  

Only my true hip hop heads will understand, an emcee is and emcee regardless of race, sex, color- you get the point. Dope beats and lyrics is what we're livin' off of and Metamorphosis has definitely replenished some nutrients.


Chad Pacience  

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