New artist Anderson..Paac unleashed his fury on Dr.Dre's "Compton"

Anderson. Paak is one of the dopest young vocalists in R&B right now, by the way I never heard of this cat until Dr.Dre's "Compton" was released earlier this week.  This young player definitely has what is takes to become the number one vocalist and songwriter but it doesn't stop there. Paak can also bang the drums with ease, produce and from what I've viewed on Youtube he is a "real" live performer . I think he is worth a listen, especially after planting his feet firmly on "Compton" .

Anderson.Paac aka Brezzylovejoy

Track list on "Compton"

  1. All In a Day's Work (feat. Anderson Paak & Marsha Ambrosius)
  2. Issues (feat. Ice Cube, Anderson Paak & Dem Jointz)
  3. Deep Water (feat. Kendrick Lamar, Justus & Anderson Paak)
  4. For the Love of Money (feat. Jill Scott, Jon Connor & Anderson Paak 
  5. Animals (feat. Anderson Paak) 

Anderson.Paac lastest release on Youtube "Drugs"

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