We were very fortunate to be at last night's NYC screening of "Amy", the documentary directed by BAFTA Awards winner (with his previous film "Senna") Asif Kapadia. His study of the British star Amy Winehouse is an intimate and intense voyage into the singer's life, success, entourage and tragic death at the -sadly- iconic age of 27. However tragic and heartbreaking it is, this brilliant documentary unveils Amy's truly jolly and loving personality, with an incorruptible love for 'real' music. It also portrays her dad as a not-so-caring character which, of course, seemed to upset the man and made him distance from Asif Kapadia's movie (read about it on Bbc.co.uk). Check what he has to say about it in the Guardian's interview.

The screening started with a short introductory speech from both Questlove and director Asif Kapadia:

Watch the trailer:

"Amy" will be out -in theatres only- on July, 3rd. Give it no second thoughts, it's a must-see.

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