If I believe in something, I feel I need to let the world know. This new film ALI SPEAKS created  by actor Eddie Goines definitely has the spark to light up the millennial generation and generations before then. Working without a budget Eddie and his team of producers brings Muhammad Ali (pilot) to the big screen in a way yet to be seen. Powerful and innovative ALI SPEAKS has launched a campaign on Indiegogo, but don't stop here continue reading !!

What would happen if our standard society and day to day life were suddenly ignited with one of the most riveting lightning bolts in history? The Greatest of all time returns when an ordinary procedure becomes extraordinary when it takes a now seemingly dormant, 75-year-old Muhammad Ali back forty-five years. The now 30-year-old Ali attempts to ‘Float like a butterfly and Sting like a Bee’  in today’s athletic and controversial social environment. The indomitable Muhammad Ali navigates through new challenges from today and takes on old challenges from yesteryear that all force him to be greater than ever.

Muhammad Ali is considered one of the most popular people in history. The three time Heavyweight Boxing Champion was voted by Sports Illustrated as the Athlete of the Century. His star and popularity rose to an unprecedented level by his social stances and philanthropy throughout his athletic career and continuing to this day. Ali has also been a media magnet because of his colorful and brash personality which made him a sight to see throughout his colossal career. 

Writer and director Eddie Goines is a former NFL football player and is an award winning writer and actor living in Los Angeles. Goines has always been inspired by Ali. He's loved Ali as an incredible and beautiful athlete, a captivating entertainer, and his social relevance in all of society. Goines wanted to salute the legendary Ali and made the short film ‘ALI SPEAKS!’ which was honored at the Muhammad Ali Center in 2013 during their annual Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards. Celebrities such as former undisputed World Boxing Champion Lennox Lewis have lauded it on social media. 

Actor Eddie Goines

Producer- Rashonna Moore

Producer- Adrian Hill

Associate Producer- Kirkaldy Myers

Creator- Eddie Goines


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