Forget 50 Shades of Gray, forget your novellas because Mikey Brownstone is about to unload on the world with his new novel P.I.P.E Juice.

Strangers collide in Mikey Brownstone’s tantalizing new novel, P.I.P.E. Juice. Full of shocking sexual behavior, unconventional lifestyles, and painful self-discovery, this welcome addition to the world of erotic fiction pushes the boundaries of sexual norms as it explores exactly what can happen when honesty comes from within.

Ten strangers converge at a sex addiction group therapy session in New York City. Led by the world-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Jay, who is no stranger to temptations of the flesh, these meetings are supposed to dig into the deepest and most intimate parts of the attendees’ lives. Some are there by choice, while others have been forced by the powers that be.

Regardless of the reasons, these addicts will be forced to confront their darkest secrets and most shameful fears while struggling to get to the bottom of their destructive behaviors. All walks of life are represented in the captivating P.I.P.E. Juice, from a star lawyer with an addiction to escorts, a mischievous middle-aged Italian housewife whose Jewish husband loves to watch, a promising virgin ball player, and a naive Christian girl led into prostitution by a trusted church official, to an overweight single mom desperately searching for more than just a hookup, a bipolar/bisexual woman from Harlem who is willing to try anything once if the price is right, a proud Italian construction worker from Staten Island who can’t get enough of African-American women, and a single father living in the Bronx who became ensnared in a torturous game of truth or dare.

Each sexually charged tale helps reveal the source of their addictions, leading every single one down a road of truth and healing. The issues explored within the pages of P.I.P.E. Juice prompt deep discussions about the very nature of sex and the role that it plays within our society today. It is ultimately a book that shows how those coming from different beliefs, moral systems, and views on sex can find redemption if they are honest with themselves.Group Therapy will never be the same again!

Mikey Brownstone was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He loved running those streets, but at the age of 18 he gave up anything that would interfere with his chances of raising his newborn son.

He worked hard and eventually earned himself a Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree (B.P.S.) in Business Management from Five Towns College while maintaining 3 jobs. He has been working in the healthcare industry as a healthcare professional for the past 24 years and most recently as a Provider Relations & Network Development Executive.

He’s had the opportunity to work amongst the "addict" population -(not specifically sex addicts) at various times over his extensive career giving him a closer lens and understanding of how powerful addictions truly are.

Mikey is married with 2 sons. His eldest son holds a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and is an extremely talented professional artist. He also has a charming 12 year old stepson who is a trained dancer, singer, plays several sports, studies Kung Fu and is an A student in Middle School.

Mikey Brownstone author 'PIPE Juice"

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